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Hello everyone!  Welcome to my website. My goal here is to have a place to share my thoughts, ideas, musings (using this word makes me feel intelligent), and to be able to keep you updated on the Goudeau adventures.

A little about myself

Little known fact; I am a twin!  That's right.  I have a beautiful sister who is ONE MINUTE older than I am!  She totally got all the looks (insert sad face here)!  I have been a total Mama's boy since the womb and wouldn't have it any other way!  My Mama is an entrepreneur and business owner in Baton Rouge.  My Daddy lives in Arkansas and I'm blessed to share his name (Yep - I'm a Junior!).  I fell in love with Jesus when I was just a young child, but it wasn't until I was 16 years old that I completely surrendered my life to Him.  For over half of my life I have lived my wildest adventures for Him. I am an absolute Jesus fanatic.

I have been married to a beautiful woman named Rebecca for over 23 years, and she is the love of my life! We met when we were both 19 years old.  I was a loud-mouthed, long-haired hippy for Jesus from the city of Baton Rouge, and Becky was a sweet and quiet country girl from a small but beautiful city in Arkansas.  When I turned 20 I asked her on a date, then 4 months later convinced her to marry me, and then 6 months after that we were married on September 3, 1994.  We have 4 awesome kids who fill our lives with never ending suspense and laughter; Alyssa (21), Paul (18), Victoria (15) and Hannah (13).


I am a RABID LSU & SAINTS fan!  My favorite food is Boiled Crawfish.  I love to fish.  I play the drums, guitar and piano.  I want to learn to speak Cajun & French.  I can beat you in Madden.  I am determined to grow a 'Man Beard' (accomplished). Becky can smash me in Bowling (I hate to admit this but it is true).  Our daughters middle names are; Faith, Hope, & Love.  Our son was born on my birthday (totally planned).

redeemed. restored. revived.

You may have noticed these 3 words on my homepage.  These words carry a special meaning to our entire family.  This is the message that God has burned in my heart;  You are not too far gone or unworthy to be REDEEMED by the precious blood of the Lamb;  you are not so broken and undone that He cannot take your fractured and confused life and completely RESTORE it again to proper function;  and though you may be spiritually dry or dead right now, He longs to breathe life into you now just as He did in Ezekiel 37, and REVIVE those empty places. 

If you have any questions or would like to connect, just click on the 'Contact' button and shoot me a message! 

Till He comes,

Randy Goudeau, Jr.