Hello friends and family! I set up this blog as a place to connect with you in the form of writing. I began reading at a very young age and was fascinated with how easily I could step into another world through the pages of a book. At the age of seven my parents bought me a blue King James Bible and I began devouring it. In the 5th grade I was introduced to the McGuffey Readers and began reading Encyclopedias. I love to read and I love to learn. My love of books is probably what influenced my love for writing. When I sat to type up this first blog post, I felt I should call it 'Outlet'. Most people know what an outlet is, but for the purpose of this post I decided to look up the definition. It made sense of course, but what caught my attention was the example following the definition, here goes;

Outlet -  a means of expressing one's talents, energy, or emotions: EXAMPLE: "Writing became the main outlet for his energies."

Wow! That is exactly what this blog is, an 'outlet'. Many of my friends are so good at utilizing Facebook and Twitter as an 'outlet' for their thoughts, feelings, ideas, etc. From time to time I have used these incredible tools as well. For quite awhile now I mainly rely on social media as a way to interact and share pics of my family and for simple posts. I am going to see how it goes using this blog as a way of communicating to anyone interested (not that I think I have a lot to say...I just want to say it!).

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Love you all!

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