When Life is a Broken Record

I am going to date myself with this blog today. Before I get into it, for all of you Jesus Hippies from the 60's/70's, I have a treat for you at the end of this blog. A little video I put together. Now getting back to the blog... Does anyone out there there remember the good old days of listening to actual, real-life albums? I sure do and man do I have some awesome recollections! You see, I am blessed to be one of those rare child of the 70's AND the 80's. Oh yeah...that's right! I can remember going to bed when I was in Elementary School overhearing my Mama blasting Ted Nugent in the Living Room from our massively huge stereo (all record players seemed to be massive). I mastered the 'air guitar' by the age of 6 to 'Cat Scratch Fever', 'Born to Be Wild', and the entire album 'The Wall' by Pink Floyd . My Mama was a music lover and we experienced all of it. BUT...while I was still very young, something unusual happened...

My Mama is the funnest and most energetic person that I know. If there is a party going on, you better know she's going to be the life of it. And on the tail end of what is known as the 'Jesus Movement', my Mama had a radical experience with Jesus Christ.

I remember me and my twin sister running home from the bus after school one day while in the 3rd or 4th grade, hearing a very loud noise coming from our house with the front door wide open. I had no idea what it was, but it sounded like some intense rock band. As I got closer to the house my Mama was standing at the front door with a huge smile on her face. She couldn't wait for us to hear this new album of hers. She brought us to the Living Room and showed us this album of a band named 'The Imperials', the song was called 'Water Grave'. She then began preaching to us telling us what it means to be water baptized. It had such an impact on me, that from the time I began baptizing people I have used that song to describe the experience and will many times recite the entire song.

Our album collection quickly grew from Fleetwood Mac, Steppenwolf, Peter Frampton and many others, to groups such as The 2nd Chapter of Acts, Don Francisco, Kenneth Copeland, Farrell & Farrell, Maranatha, Jimmy Swaggart (yep, even him, with his 'Golden Gospel Piano') and many, many others.

When I fell in love with Jesus at the age of 16, I couldn't seem to find music that spoke to me like those old albums of my parents. So I went to Walmart and bought myself a cheap record player and dusted off those old albums and spent many afternoons and weekends as a teenager re-introducing myself to those classics. Now I have many of those albums on my iPhone!

However, there was just one tiny problem with the album era, and anyone with some 'age' on them can identify with it - scratched or broken records. That horrible moment when your favorite song played by your favorite band has that unfortunate accident, it gets SCRATCHED! Pity the day! Something about your favorite line either being skipped over completely, or sometimes even worse, it is scratched in such a way that it plays the exact same line over...and over...and over...and, well, you get the picture. What can you do? Hopefully you can just blow over the album, or wipe it with a clean cloth or carefully wipe the needle. Sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn't.

I've learned that people (myself included) can very much become like a broken record. You know what I mean. A part of your life gets 'scratched' and no matter what you try to do, you find yourself in the same situation or hurt in the same manner, over...and over...and over. Perhaps you think it's the people around you, and so like buying a new record player you find new relationships, only to find out your life keeps playing the same lines over and over. This is what happens when you've been 'broken'. Things don't work like they're supposed to. When I speak of being broken, I am speaking of your heart.

I believe the most painful thing in life is not a broken bone. Broken bones can mend. A broken heart? Not so easy. To tell you the truth, I've never found a doctor with a 'We Specialize in Broken Hearts' clinic. They don't exist. You see, man is really good at looking at the outside of others and assessing them. Sometimes people get it right and sometimes they don't. Jesus goes deeper than that. He looks deep on the inside. He looks into the chambers of your heart. He sees those places you've been scratched and knows the WHY of how you've been living areas of your life on 'repeat'. Let's look at what it means to be broken;

Reduced to fragments, ruptured, torn, fractured; not functioning properly; disconnected; weakened in strength or spirit; tamed or reduced to submission; ruined; bankrupt.

Other words for broken are; collapsed, cracked, crippled, crushed, damaged, defective, hurt, in pieces, injured, shattered, smashed.

Do any of these words describe you?

Many of these words have described me at different points and seasons of my life, and I am quite sure that you have felt these very things yourself. Let me ask you plainly; Do you live your life as a broken record? Do you go from one heartache to another? New place but same song? New 'start' but same 'ending'? Maybe you've tried counseling and were left empty. Maybe you even reached out for help from Christians, but just couldn't seem to find the answers you were looking for. If so, I have some wonderful news for you. Jesus specializes in the lives of broken people. It's actually one of the reasons He was sent;

"The Spirit of The Lord God is upon Me, because the Lord has anointed Me to preach good tidings to the poor; HE HAS SENT ME TO HEAL THE BROKENHEARTED..." Isaiah 61:1

If your life is torn and damaged, shattered and crippled, and you are not functioning the way you know you were designed to function, you don't have to live your life on repeat anymore. Some of you may even be contemplating suicide, because you just don't feel like you can go another day without hope. Listen to me;

Before Jesus healed the leper, he did what no other person was allowed to or even wanted to do, he TOUCHED him. He healed that leper on the inside before He healed him on the outside. Jesus can do the same thing with you. Remember, it is His specialty. I want to encourage you today, that no matter where or how you have been 'scratched', He can cleanse you, heal you, and make you new. He can eliminate the 'repeats' of your life. God doesn't throw-away or discard broken-records, he repairs them.

Now enjoy this video!

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