Home Run!

I posted this yesterday on Facebook as I reflected on this historic game from October 15, 1988. Did anyone else happen to see this game in real-time? Video highlight at the end of the post! I remember this night very well! I have been a Dodgers fan since I was in 2nd Grade (Fernando Valenzuela days). For years I bought endless baseball cards, chewing the cheap gum (and nasty too) and strategically trading with all of my baseball friends. These were the incredible days of Orel Hershiser, Mike Scioscia, Steve Sax (my inspiration when I was a 2nd baseman)! I was a Sophomore in High School when the Dodgers were playing the ferocious and seemingly unstoppable Oakland Athletics in the 1988 World Series, with men such as; Jose Canseco, Mark McGwire, Dennis Eckersley. I remember the Home Run that Canseco hit that dented a video camera!

The Dodgers were down 1 run and it was not looking good. My Mama (who had been set to watch the entire series with me knowing how much I loved them) was tired and said she was going to go on to sleep (truth is, she probably knew how upset I would be with the seemingly apparent loss and wanted me to be able to bear that teenage man-child grief in solitude!). I remember her saying; "Something may happen and they may win! But if they do, don't wake me up, tell me in the morning (trying to give me a shimmer of hope in this hopeless game)!

Kirk Gibson, a switch hitter, had injured both legs. He slowly hobbles to Home Plate. One man on base. Kirk quickly goes to an 0-2 count. Panic sets in to my 14 year old manly (and beastly too, if I may say so) body (4'10 and 90lbs). Sweat dripping down my face. I feel as though I'm the one at Home Plate. Nervously I watch as the count slips to 1-2, 2-2, 3-2...OH THE AGONY!!! What came next seemed to happen in SLOOOOW MOOOOTION.

Kirk eases back into the plate and then SMASHES that ball for a 2-run homer!!! I knew my Mama did not want to be disturbed...but there was no way I could hold back the shouts of shock and joy! Kirk slowly (and most likely very painfully) made his way around those bases for the WIN! I can't be sure, but as I remember that ending, I always see fireworks in my mind all across the Stadium. I am so glad to have been able to watch such a historic game for my team!

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