The Jesus Chapter

I absolutely love the Gospel of John. Some scholars say that John was anywhere from 14-16 years old when Jesus called him to become a follower. The Bible says that John immediately left his father and his business and became one of Jesus' disciples. According to tradition, John was the only disciple who did not die a martyrs death (though many attempts were made on his life). John also gave us the most amazing sci-fi type of Book in the Bible, which has baffled scholars and preachers alike for many centuries, 'Revelation'. Some have called it 'The Revelation of St. John', but a better description would be, 'The Revelation of Jesus'. What a powerful picture John gives us of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, with fire in His eyes (eternity), hair white like wool (absolute purity), feet like brass (righteous judgments), a voice that roared (Lion of the tribe of Judah)...and so on. And how fitting for John to bring us this amazing picture of Christ. He did the same thing in the first chapter of the Gospel of John, which I call 'The Jesus Chapter'.

John wasted no time revealing that Jesus was more than just a man. In the very first chapter of John he sets the tone for the rest of his Gospel. He wanted his readers to read everything in light of Who Jesus Christ is. Why? Because it has the potential to change everything. Likewise, if you could see your life and destiny in the light of Who Jesus is, right at this very moment, it has the potential to change everything for you as well. So...what makes this chapter so special? What exactly did John tell us about Jesus in this first chapter? Perhaps you have never noticed this before. I didn't until about a year and a half ago. When I saw it I could not believe I missed it after years of reading through my Bible.

Here that very first chapter, John tells everyone that this is Who Jesus is:

The Word
The Creator (all things were made through Him)
The source of life
The True Light
The Only God
The Lord
The Christ
The Lamb of God
The Son of God
Rabbi (Teacher)
The Messiah
The King of Israel
The Son of Man

Wow!  I hope this blesses you as much as it blessed me!  

Randy GoudeauComment