The Legend

I was blessed this morning to spend time with my longtime friend, Dick Flores. Those of us who have been privileged to know him closely have another name we call him, 'The Legend'. Together we were a part of a powerful move of God many years ago, and he was/is one of my strongest encouragers. 

In the 70's Dick ran one of the wildest nightclubs in New Orleans, 'The Dungeon'. The folklore and history of 'The Dungeon' is fascinating. Stories of ghosts, hauntings, prominent musicians and famous people who would make their way to this unique club after others shut down for the night permeate all across New Orleans. Mind blowing stories of this peculiar club that did not even open until midnight. 

One particular night as Dick was doing his usual running of the club (to hear him share the story is absolutely heart-wrenching, comparing himself to Paul as the Chief of Sinners), a man walks in and comes straight up to him, pulls a gun out and places it to his forehead. After what seemed like an eternity, the man puts it down and bouncers took care of him. Still in shock, Dick slowly makes his way home and lays awake all night in bed. Early the next morning he meets his mother before she leaves for church and asks to ride with her. Halfway through the Pastors Sermon, he cannot take it anymore. He stands up and walks to the altar in front of the entire church, weeping and crying out for prayer. 

The fire that was lit in his heart that day as he made Jesus His Lord has taken him all across the United States and the world. Hearing stories years ago of how as a young man he single handedly shut down a nazi convention in Washington D.C. is one of my favorites. Preaching in the slums and war zones of El Salvador. Moving his wife and young children to Amsterdam to plant a church in the Red Light District. Unable to pray for a meal without tears streaming down his face. And now pioneering a work in Spain, the stories of 'The Legend' continue to spread. 

It would take far too long to share all of the moments where he challenged me, encouraged me, wept with me, and provoked me. I am so grateful to know such a rare breed of man. He is a warrior, he is a trailblazer, he is a Legend, he is my friend. When I met him I had my share of crazy stories, but he definitely took a barrel of gasoline and threw it all over my life. 

When you hear tales of adventure, challenge, DANGER, devastating failure and unbelievable success, what does it do to you? You either shrink back in fear (most do), rationalize so you can minimize it in your mind (many do), or it provokes you to the point of stepping out of the boat of mediocrity to see just how long you can stand on that water (extremely few do). 

The secret of 'The Legend' is that Dick Flores is very acquainted with 'THE LEGEND' Who lives inside of him. When you make Jesus your Lord, you open the door of your heart to the greatest risk taker and world changed Who has ever lived. Allow Him to step into your life and live His wildest adventure through you!

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