The New Testament Challenge

Super quick blog post today! I just want to share with you something exciting I began doing last year and what I am doing this month. Since I became a Christian at the age of 16 I've been fascinated with the Bible. I have always accepted it as the infallible, inspired Word of God. Therefore, I've worked to read it, meditate on it, memorize it, and share it. As each new year approaches I set aside a couple of days to decide how many times and the different ways I want to read through my Bible. Last year I came up with one of the most fun ways (and very challenging) for me to read through the New Testament. Here goes;

Day 1: Read the first chapter of each Book of the New Testament. This is the most challenging day because you will read 27 chapters! 

Day 2: Read the second chapter of each Book. There are several books in the New Testament that only have one chapter, so it is a little less reading.

Day 3: Read the third chapter of each Book. Now you are getting an idea of how this works.

Before even a week is over, you will have read through most of the epistles, and you will only be reading about 10 chapters after that each day. After the second week is over, you will only be reading 6 chapters a day!

IMPORTANT: This is what makes this so fun for me. Each chapter that I read, I purpose to underline only ONE verse. That's right, choose just one verse to underline, one that you would want to memorize if possible. Why do I do this? Because it causes me to read in a different manner, diligently searching for something I have not seen before, or that simply ministers to me in a fresh way.

Consider joining me for the month of April and let me know how it goes! I'll encourage you and you can encourage me! I am using the hashtag #ntc30 for this fun little doohickey.

P.S. If 30 days is simply too much reading for you, no problem! You can go through the entire New Testament in merely 3 months by reading only 3 chapters a day! If this is more up your alley, use the hashtag #ntc90 and go for it! Don't forget to underline ONE verse from each chapter!

Here's a picture of the Bible I'll be using; a genuine leather pocket ESV edition.

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