Have I Gone Too Far?

In the spirit of my last post, 'A Little Farther' I may have gone a little too far in a challenge with one of my closest friends! You see, I function my best in a challenge, when the odds seem to be stacked up against me. I'm the guy who once he hears something can't be done, will try to do whatever is possible to make that thing happen (within reason), just to see if it can happen. Well...

I was sharing with my friend, Brian Oddo, about how I really wanted to drop some weight. The problem is that life seems so busy and hectic, and I can't find the motivation to get going. So we came up with a plan, a challenge, a nasty...horrible...stupid challenge. The kind of silly challenge that nobody in their right mind would dare think of doing. Unless your name is Randy Goudeau or Brian Oddo. Here's the video, our contract so to speak. Let me know if you think we went...TOO FAR!

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