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I am so excited to begin this new blog series I am calling, From the Vault. Throughout the years there are three subjects I am asked about more than any other. They are;

1. A Global Youth Movement
2. Passionate Prayer
3. Radical Evangelism

If you want to see me 'come alive', simply ask how I feel about any of these topics. In this series I’m going to be sharing with you some secrets from my vault, little nuggets I have picked up throughout the years concerning:

A Global Youth Movement
Beginning when I gave my life to Christ as a sixteen year old senior in High School, I have had a fervent passion to see youth experience a tremendous move of God. I don't believe there is any age demographic who comes remotely close to the level of absolute surrender, full-on obsession, and reckless abandonment like that which we see in teenagers. Youth were born for a cause, and if the church does not have one for them, no problem! They'll just find one somewhere else. And when it comes to church, most teenagers are, well, bored. It should not be this way. Young people today are facing stronger giants than any previous generation; identity, cutting, sexuality, politics, bullying, cyber bullying, social media, pornography, foster care, stronger drugs, absentee parents, and so much more. The flood of filth and confusion that is coming upon them is stronger than a category 5 hurricane, and there seems to be very few shelters. We don't just need sweet men and women to fill the role of Youth Pastors, we need passionate people READY and WILLING to roll up their sleeves and LOVE these young people, offering them more than cute games, free pizza, and mixed messages for 45 minutes on a Wednesday night. Carnal Youth Pastors more in touch with hip-hop culture and more expert in the art of swag than in the presence of God and His Word are a dime a dozen in this modern era of christianity. Where are you at Youth Pastors? What are you prepared to do Senior Pastors to reach the teenagers in your region?
I am currently working on a video curriculum (free) for Pastors, Youth Pastors, and Ministry Leaders - covering all aspects of Youth Ministry from almost 30 years in the trenches. Details coming soon. If you are interested, feel free to email me for more information at

Passionate Prayer
In October of 1990 I knelt down in my bedroom at around 10:30 at night. Somewhere on that floor during those 30-40 minutes, I was converted. It was just me and Jesus in that room. But something else happened on that floor; I became obsessed with really knowing Him. I don't know how or why, but on the inside I immediately knew this would only be possible through prayer and reading the Bible. The Bible part was easy; buy one and start reading it. The other became a quest. For years I would interview Christians, missionaries, and pastors, yearning to learn more about how I could grow closer to Jesus through prayer. I remember the first year Becky and I were married. Some of our dates as newlyweds consisted of an inexpensive candlelight dinner followed by some Ron Kenoly on our CD player while we knelt in our Living Room seeking God. We were both twenty years old and hungry to know Him and to know His plan for our lives. As youth pastors, one of the most 'successful' things we did was begin a prayer meeting that lasted for many years. It became the fuel for all that we would do and see in our ministry. By and large, the prayer meeting is missing from our churches today. Sadly, it has become reduced to an occasional gap fill for an empty calendar. Pastors are exhausted as they work tirelessly to counsel, study, teach, preach, strategize, administrate, and so much more. Some are exhausted because they are busy doing all of these things and much more, and yet their prayer closet is full of dust and cobwebs. Pastors, if you don't have a prayer life, you may need to put that Church Growth book down and go back to your First Love. It would be good for us all to read these words from Jesus again; "I know your works, your labor, your patience...Nevertheless I have this against you, that you have left your first love." (Revelation 2:2,4) If you aren't praying, there's a good chance that your congregation isn't praying either. We desperately need a move of God in our nation today, and we need our pastors and ministry leaders to be men and women of prayer. You cannot lead where you do not go yourself. There can be no hell-shaking move of God apart from passionate prayer.
Very soon we will launch ‘The Furnace’, a place of prayer available for anyone in our area, as well as host them in cities across the U.S. Stay tuned!

Radical Evangelism
Two and a half weeks after encountering Jesus in my bedroom, I was standing on the tailgate of my truck in a parking lot in Hope, Arkansas preaching my first message. This was as natural to me as breathing. Throughout the years I have been blessed to share Jesus with people in grocery stores, restaurants, concerts, streets, amphitheaters, nursing homes, parties, coffee shops, accidentally during a vampire tour in New Orleans, bars, parks, and even once while sitting in a home with 25 people smoking things I did not even know existed while a skinhead and rastafarian debated love and war in the middle of everyone while sitting cross-legged (I have seriously forgotten more stories than I'll ever remember). I still struggle personally with why people feel that evangelism is so scary. I know the word radical can be intimidating to some people. However, I want you to know that when I use the word radical, I am not trying to convey a picture of some weirdo standing on a street corner holding signs as he loudly screams at (condemns) people about how they are going to hell. When I say radical, I am talking about truly loving people with the love of Christ right where they are at. The church has been horribly ineffective in evangelism because, amongst other things, we have struggled to demonstrate the love of God. We have a deficiency in compassion, empathy, mercy, truth, and love. I personally believe that the number one reason Christians are bored today, is they have never been encouraged, inspired, challenged, and equipped to share the gospel with their family, friends, and others.
Over the coming weeks I will be sharing some video content on my Instagram feed to help encourage and provoke others to become active in sharing our faith.


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