Randy Goudeau
"There is a growing discontent within the body of Christ, and it is getting stronger and louder. An army of believers who know there is more to the Christian walk than simply going to church on Sunday and occasionally attending a Small Group. The Early Church turned the world upside down. Today's Church offers something safe, easy, and convenient. We will never reach the next generation if something does not change." Randy G.


Randy became a Christian at the age of 16 during his Senior year of High School, and within a week and a half preached his first message in a parking lot from the back of his truck. Since that time he's preached in 11 countries and across 35 states, bringing the message of hope, salvation, restoration, and healing that is only found in Jesus. 

Randy's calling is two-fold; to provoke the Body of Christ to return to their First Love, and secondly, to equip believers to reach others with the life-changing message of the Gospel.

He is also excited to be completing his first book, which will be released in the Fall of 2018.

What others are saying


"Randy is a needed voice in the Body of Christ today. His ministry provokes and challenges the local church in the areas of prayer, evangelism, leadership, and revival. He is a catalyst to bring the Body of Christ into a deeper, and more passionate relationship with Jesus Christ."

Paul Floyd
Lead Pastor - Living Word Church
Mansfield, LA

"Randy has a passion to see lost and hurting people encounter Jesus in a real way. He’s a masterful communicator that breaks down walls in people’s hearts with humor and grace so they can be flooded with God’s truth and love. His authenticity and passion go beyond the platform. He’s the same on a street corner as he is in the church pulpit. He’s raw, real, and thought-provoking."

Jacob Schmelzer
Lead Pastor - Joy Church
Eugene, OR





Evangelism Intensive

The vast majority of churches in America are ineffective when it comes to reaching the lost. People have not been taught how to share their faith, and many are simply terrified at the thought of it. Sharing the gospel should be one of the most natural things we do as believers. The Evangelism Intensive is a one day workshop that combines passionate and practical teaching to help equip your church or ministry become more effective in reaching your city.

If you would like to host or schedule an Evangelism Intensive, click the link below and someone from our team will contact you. 

Show yourself a Man



Men's summit

I Kings 2:1-2 "When David's time to die drew near, he commanded Solomon his son, saying, 'I am about to go the way of all the earth. Be strong, and show yourself a man...'"

Randy's willingness to become vulnerable as he opens up with men about his own challenges and struggles, enables him to then boldly call them upwards with compassion and mercy.

He's not afraid to talk about the 'hard' things. Men need healthy confrontation. We can no longer allow them to be slaves to their past, victims in their present, and fearful of their future.

Men's Summit is a powerful one night event designed to bring freedom and awakening.


Book Project

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Book Project

"I am so excited to announce that I am working on my very first book! This is a book that I believe will provoke, inspire, encourage, make you laugh, and possibly even bring you to tears.

It is going to be filled with real life stories from the trenches. Whether you are a brand new Christian or someone who has served God for many years, this book is designed to equip you to make an immediate difference in other people's lives, including your own. It will be released in the beginning of 2019.

Everyone who donates, regardless of the amount, will receive a free digital copy before the release date!" - Randy